Cleaning Your E-Cig Battery


Many vapers like me get frustrated if our vapor isn’t always thick, or if our batteries start to malfunction. For me, I press the button on my manual battery, and nothing happens 1 out of 4 times. It drives me crazy!

So, I ask myself, “Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening?” Well, YES, there is… it’s called MAINTENANCE!

Regular cleaning of all your batteries is the key to a nice long life for your e-cig batteries!

Here’s how I clean mine. Keep in mind; these directions are for a 2-piece designed e-cig. The procedure is a little bit different for a 3-piece designed e-cig. Email me for details on this if you own a 3-piece.

First, and absolutely most important- YOU HAVE TO HAVE ROCK MUSIC PLAYING! After all, this is VAPOR ROCKS! We simply can’t do anything related to vaping or e-cigs without music!

Next, I take something sharp and pointy, like a pin or my fine-point tweezers. I run this around the grooves between the inner and outer posts and around the wall of the battery. I scrape out all the schmootz (yes, it’s a real word- at least in my house!) that forms over time. This is worse when I refill my own cartridges. Sometimes, I over-fill them and the e-liquid leaks a little more. Anyway, I dislodge and scrape out all the schmootz and wipe it on a cotton ball or paper towel. Then, I use a cotton swab to wipe out all that nasty schmootz.

Next, I dip a cotton swab in Isopryl Alcohol. I clean all the connections with this, being careful not to get alcohol inside the actual battery. Dry this off real good with a dry swab or a paper towel folded up.

I always make sure the whole battery is completely dry before I vape with it again. I also like to give the whole thing a good long blow to clear little bits. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) — Blow in the BATTERY!

That’s about it. It’s really simple and easy. Now, how often you want to do this cleaning and maintenance is up to you and depends on how often you vape. For most vapers, about every 2-3 weeks is sufficient. I prefer to do all 3 of my batteries at one time, for simplicity sake.

Some other options for materials you can use are a toothbrush- I know some people who clean their batteries with an electric toothbrush so they don’t have to scrub. I think that’s a little lazy, but whatever J  You can use vinegar instead of alcohol. You can use those nice pointy cotton swabs since they fit better in the little grooves. The options are pretty limitless. However you choose to do it, just be sure you do it regularly. Many batteries wind up being turned in on warranty simply because of a lack of general up-keep. Just like your automobile, with regular tune-ups and oil changes, you can get many, many miles out of it! Same goes for your e-cig—

Good luck and Happy Vaping!!